Life @ Dhoot

At Dhoot Transmission Pvt. Ltd. (DTPL) we aim at creating a lively and happy environment. DTPL was born with a goal to be a successful and responsible corporate entity and therefore, our constant endeavor is to evolve as a group in a way that benefits society as a whole. We believe in enriching the lives of one and all.

DTPL is an innovative group backed by constant research and development and this has helped us develop new products and attain new horizons. We strongly believe in innovating new designs and products to enrich the lives of those we touch. And our constant efforts have led us to become India's leading innovative brand in wire harnesses, cables, power cords, copper wires and tooling systems.

Furthermore, DTPL firmly believes that a successful organization is the one that  comprises of a combination of intelligent, intellectual people who work together towards the common goal of serving society while innovating methods to help the growth of the organization as a whole. We therefore, provide an open arena to our employees to work smart and showcase their skills while adding value to the organization. The emotional bond that our employees share with each other has helped us evolve as a people's company. At DTPL, we believe in encouraging our employees with the best of everything that we have and we stand by them through thick and thin.

For us, the mool mantra of success is 'Happy Employees for a sustainable growth.'

  • Nitant Sharma

    Key Account Manager -Sales & Marketing

    "It has been an exciting experience since day one for me. I am absolutely grateful to my co-workers and seniors for adding to my learning curve each day."

  • Ashish Kumar Rawat

    R&D - Engineer

    "The entire R&D team works to offer ever evolving technologies to the client making it an enriching experience for me."


    Akshay Gautam

    HR Manager


  • Ashish Bhardwaj

    Purchase Manager



    Amish Dogra

    QA Manager