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Copper Wire Enamelling

Dhoot Transmission Pvt. Ltd. (DTPL) has globally acclaimed ‘AUMANN’ integrated enamelled copper wire manufacturing line, which produces precise quality product, consistently. These machines are computerized, PLC controlled and are of the catalytic combustion type. They are equipped with on-line High Voltage DC Pinhole Tester, Automatic Diameter Control, Layer Winding Traverse and Bi-conical Spool facilities. The enamelled copper wire manufactured in this set up conforms to IEC 60317 standard.

Super Enamelled Copper Wires are available in various sizes for Polyurethane, Polyesterimide, Polyamidimide & Dual coated (Base PEI / Overcoated with PAI). The color of Enamelled Copper Wire is bright with smooth covering and luster. These wires offer excellent resistance to heat shocks and thereby are suitable for high-speed winding.

They are ideal for application in air-conditioner motors, washing machine motors, micro-motors, electric instruments, switch gear coils, transformers, relays, energy meters and automotive applications.

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Enamelled Copper Wire Products